No One Expected this Rescue Stray Would Survive the Night, but Love Brought Her Back to Life

No One Expected this Rescue Stray Would Survive the Night, but Love Brought Her Back to Life

It was truly miraculous that this lost cat was brought back to life. No one thought this lost dog would make it through the first night, but love changed everything.

Meet Midna Love, the cat that can do anything!

A caretaker of a wild cat colony called Max Louie of 808 Animal Rescue to tell her about a stray cat she had found lying on the ground with no life.

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He told the nice people at Love Meow, “Right around midnight, we got a call that a kitten was being rushed to the vet ER because it was very sick.” Her heart stopped soon after she got there. The vet brought her back to life, and she was put on life support right away. A staff member was with her at all times.

Little girl, 4 to 6 months old, is a real fighter!”

They were afraid Midna might not live to see another day. Another vet told them that there was less than a 1% chance that she would get better and be able to leave the ER. The cost to try to save her life would be between $7,000 and $10,000.

Given the chance, we chose to let this baby make her own choice by doing what we could. We asked for everything for at least 24 hours: tracking, antibiotics, blood transfusions from a donor cat, life support, and blood transfusions. It was all night that we prayed for her safety and happiness.

Max went to see how the cat was doing. “She was just lying there, not awake, so I petted her.” When I did that, her eyes opened for a short time. “That’s when I knew the cat was still there fighting and would be okay,” Louie said.

Later that night, they made sure Midna got the care she needed and lots of love to get better. The next day, her health had really gotten better. In fact, Midna opened her eyes and began eating on her own.

The next day, we found out that she had not only woken up, but was also awake and eating! Because her platelet and red blood cell counts were so low, she needed more blood transfusions and stayed in the emergency room for a few more days.

“Here she is, busy and curious like the kitten she should be, just one day after coding and being brought back to life.”

Midna was back to her old self by the third day. She is the sweetest, most affectionate, and loving cat ever. We got to see her fully awake and get to know her nature.

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On day 5, the cat that had less than a 1% chance of leaving the hospital went home with Max and his wife.

She had to take medicine all the time for weeks.” We didn’t get much sleep because I kept asking, “If I take her at 1am, can you take her at 6am?” (“Deal.”), but she was beautiful.”

This child was named Midna Love after a made-up character who was a strong ghost who died and came back to life to help the living.” Midna is a loving, lively wonder today, just like her name says. You would never guess that she had a health problem when she was young. She has been getting back to a healthy weight and becoming more comfortable around people over the last couple of weeks. We’re very lucky to have found her at that time.”

Midna, which didn’t have a chance, now instead has a loving forever home!

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