Woman Finds Stray Cat Who’s Missing Back Legs

Woman Finds Stray Cat Who’s Missing Back Legs

Mareen is the name of a kind woman from Berlin, Germany’s city. She takes care of the lost dogs in her neighbourhood. She feeds them every day and will even take the cats to the vet if they need to be seen. Maren found a stray cat with no back legs two years ago. The woman quickly moved away from the cat because she wanted to get a better look at the poor cat. The cat was already very scared without its legs. The cute thing moved and looked like it could run as fast as a cat.

Woman Finds Stray Cat Who’s Missing Back Legs 1

Mareen fed the kitten every day, and after a while, they became very close. Mareen was able to pet the kitten, and after a few weeks, she took it home. Mareen named the kitten Rocket because, even though it had a disability, it still reached for the stars.

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Rocket had some bad days in his new home. He meowed all the time at first, but over time he calmed down a lot. Rocket is having a great time now that he’s back home after a week. Check out this movie that Mareen put online:

Rocket keeps surprising Mareen with his amazing skills. The cat can move around just as easily as any other pet, even though it only has two front legs. Rocket seems to be unstoppable!

Woman Finds Stray Cat Who’s Missing Back Legs 2

Rocket is busy like any other cat, even though he’s two years old. He loves to cuddle with Mareen and play with the other cats. Rocket really enjoys sitting on the window sill and looking out at the world.

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Woman Finds Stray Cat Who’s Missing Back Legs 3

Rocket is a great cat, and his story shows us that nothing should hold us back. The kitten is just as active as any other cat, even though it doesn’t have back legs. We praise him.


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