Who killed Sully Top Boy? Netflix Top Boy Ending explained

Who killed Sully Top Boy? Netflix Top Boy Ending explained

It has been a long time since the premiere of Top Boy on Channel 4 in 2011. People have switched to Netflix, Brexit, a virus, and lettuce potent enough to outlive a prime minister, among other things. Former cast members Michael Ward, Letitia Wright, and Sharon Duncan Brewster are all well-known actors in Hollywood productions, but one aspect of the show has remained the same. In the end, Top Boy could only be one boy.

The six episodes that make up season 5, which Netflix refers to as “season 3”. Summerhouse undoubtedly give a number of character arcs a satisfying conclusion, but several plot threads are left unresolved, and the final scene in particular poses one significant question that is unanswered.

This season also told the stories of Stefan (Araloyin Oshunremi), who struggled with whether or not to kill Sully for killing Jamie (Michael Ward), and Jaq, who felt bad about selling drugs.

But since the series is over for good, there are no quick and easy answers to the problems the characters face. Its ending shows that every choice that led up to this point has a cost that must be paid.

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Who was Sully Top Boy’s murderer Season 3?

Who killed Sully Top Boy 2

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The gunman is only visible for a brief moment, and the broken glass of the car window obscures their face, preventing us from getting a clear view of them. Who then murdered Sully?

It appears that Stef is the most likely offender. Maybe he changed his mind and went back to carry out his threat after deciding to save Sully. The enigmatic figure does appear to be donning a dark jacket with a hood, similar to Stef’s.

However, there are other potential outcomes. Jaq was right to pursue Sully because she understood that as long as he was present, neither she nor Becks or the child would ever be secure. Perhaps she killed Sully or had someone else kill him for her in order to protect her family and avenge Kieron’s death.

Additionally, Isaac might have sent a hitman after Sully in retaliation for killing his two men.

Another scenario is that the McGees were responsible for Sully’s demise. A big time crime family from Ireland that intended to encroach on their territory, this Irish family was encountered by Sully and Dushane earlier in the season.

Sully and Dushane are pressured into cooperating with the McGees by Jonny (Barry Keoghan) and Tadgh (Brian Gleeson), who are acting as their representatives.

Due to their lack of fear, Sully and Dushane kill them and take their drug supply. The same cache is later taken by Jaq, Dushane, and Sully before ending up in his possession and remaining there until his demise.

Our boys don’t appear to be suffering any consequences for killing two of the McGees and taking their money, unless Sully’s death was retaliation, despite the fact that we frequently hear about the power and influence of the McGees.

Perhaps Stef, the most likely suspect, killed Sully, and we’re just overthinking things. Stef contemplated choosing the correct path, but ultimately made the wrong decision. But if that’s the case, why obscure the killer’s identity so we can’t be certain?

Or perhaps the key idea is that nothing is certain. It might not matter who fired the shot in the end. Someone was certain to get Sully and Dushane because of the way they live.

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