Who did Danelo Cavalcante murder? How did Cavalcante escape from prison?

Who did Danelo Cavalcante murder

Chester County, USA – After climbing a wall and making his way past razor wire, convicted murderer Danelo Cavalcante was able to break out of the Chester County Prison in Pocopson Township, Pennsylvania on Thursday, August 31. He was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison for his crime.

Over the course of the past week and a half, hundreds of state and federal officials have searched a densely wooded area that is located close to the prison on foot and horseback. Cavalcante is still at large, putting the residents of the surrounding area on edge; nevertheless, there have only been a few confirmed sightings of the man who the authorities regard to be “extremely dangerous.” This is what we currently know.

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Who did Danelo Cavalcante murder?

Deborah Brandao, who was 33 years old at the time of her death in April 2021, was the victim of a first-degree murder conviction handed down to a Brazilian national who was 34 years old at the time. He will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

According to the reports, Cavalcante had a history of domestic violence towards Brandao before he flung her to the ground and stabbed her more than 30 times in front of her two children. He also had a history of physically abusing Brandao. He first escaped the scene with the assistance of two pals, but he was apprehended in Virginia later on.

How did Cavalcante escape from Chester County prison?

On Wednesday, the authorities presented footage from the day in question as well as a timeline for how Cavalcante was able to flee custody. At 8:33 on the morning of December 31, the cell block belonging to Cavalcante was moved into the jail yard. After waiting a few minutes, he went ahead and made his move.

“At 8:51 a.m., Cavalcante escapes from the prison by crab walking up a wall, pushing his way through the razor wire, running across the roof, scaling another fence, and pushing his way through more razor wire,” said Howard Holland, the acting warden of the prison. “Crab walking” refers to a climbing technique in which a person uses their hands to climb vertical surfaces, such as walls or roofs.

After his block had returned inside, fresh counts were performed, and he was still not located anywhere. This is when it was discovered that Cavalcante was missing.

According to a report by NBC10, a local network, another inmate named Igor Bolte managed to escape the same prison in May, but he was recaptured just minutes later. It is suspected that Bolte used a similar approach in his own escape, which involved climbing up onto a roof when guards on duty were preoccupied with an argument and inmates played basketball below. A second time, in 2019, Bolte broke out of the facility where he was being held.

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Danelo Cavalcante Spotted

Since his escape, Cavalcante has been sighted multiple times, each time in close proximity to the prison. The authorities think Cavalcante is hiding in the forests. Saturday, he was spotted by surveillance cameras a mile and a half away from the prison, carrying a rucksack.

On Monday night, a trail camera near Longwood Gardens in southern Pennsylvania captured Cavalcante in the area. Wednesday saw the closure of the tourist hotspot as authorities stepped up their search efforts. Authorities have moved their search area to the east after a resident of Pennsbury Township reported seeing Cavalcante in a stream bed on Tuesday night, according to the reports.

Thursday’s briefing said that authorities had seen Cavalcante again in the Longwood Gardens area, where they were currently conducting a search. The garden was temporarily locked down and the remaining individuals were eventually evacuated Thursday night after a second sighting of Cavalcante in the area. It has been announced that Longwood Gardens would be closed “until further notice” while the search is conducted.

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As long as Cavalcante is at large, Chester County District Attorney Deborah Ryan has urged citizens to be on high alert.

Shut the doors and keep the keys. Please remember to secure your vehicles. She indicated at a press conference over the weekend that he is still regarded a very dangerous person.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Danelo Cavalcante?

Ans. Danelo Cavalcante is a convicted murderer who escaped from Chester County Prison in Pocopson Township, Pennsylvania.

2. What led to Cavalcante’s imprisonment?

Ans. Cavalcante was sentenced to life in prison for the first-degree murder of Deborah Brandao in April 2021.

3. How did Cavalcante escape from prison?

Ans. He escaped by climbing a wall, navigating razor wire, and scaling fences, using a technique known as “crab walking.”

4. Where has Cavalcante been sighted since his escape?

Ans. He has been sighted multiple times in close proximity to the prison and nearby areas, particularly near Longwood Gardens.

5. What precautions has the community been advised to take?

Ans. Residents have been urged to secure their homes and vehicles due to Cavalcante’s dangerous status.

6. Are there any updates on his capture?

Ans. As of now, Cavalcante remains at large, and the manhunt is ongoing.

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