80 Year old Security Officer Punched Bedok Central While on Duty

Man Assaults Elderly Security Officer Over Bench Sleeping

While on patrol in Bedok, a man hit an 80-year-old security officer in the face after the officer informed the man that it was against the law to sleep on public benches. The incident occurred when the officer warned the man that sleeping on public benches was forbidden.

The Union of Security Employees (USE) detailed the event that had occurred the previous day, which was Sunday, in a message that was published on their Facebook page on Friday.

It was stated that Mr. Kwek Moh Chai had been stationed in a public place in Bedok Central when he came across a man who was sleeping on a public bench at approximately 2 in the morning.

However, when Mr. Kwek proceeded to police the area, he came across the same man dozing down on a bench and approached him once more.

This time, the man used foul language before striking Mr Kwek in the face, which caused him to fall to the ground and break his glasses.

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According to the USE post, two individuals who worked at a neighbouring restaurant arrived to rescue Mr. Kwek and detained the man before calling the police.

At approximately 2.20am on Sunday, the police were notified of an attack that took place near New Upper Changi Road. The police have confirmed that they were made aware of this incident. According to the police, a man in his thirties is helping them with their investigations.

80 Year old Security Officer Punched Bedok Central 2

Image credit: Facebook/USE

Consequences of the Attack

According to the union, Mr. Kwek had to be brought to the hospital, and he has since been placed on medical leave.

Photos that were uploaded by USE to their Facebook page reveal Mr. Kwek’s face to have scrapes and bruises on the left side of his face.

The union stated that its officers are sent to “protect lives and properties” while also reiterating the fact that security officers carry out their responsibilities in accordance with the Private Security Industry Act.

The Act was revised in 2022 in order to give officers with a higher level of protection. As part of this revision, the penalties for offenders who knowingly create harassment, alarm, or distress, assail or use criminal force against, and voluntarily hurt security officials, were increased. Those who are found to be guilty of intentionally harassing or causing alarm or distress to a security officer face the possibility of being sentenced to a maximum of one year in jail, a maximum fine of $5,000, or both depending on the circumstances.

USE reported that there were 23 occurrences of abuse by security agents between January and August, which is a significant decrease from the 36 cases reported during the same time period in 2022.

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Source: The Straits times

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