Mount Albert Sports Bar Robbery, 4 Armed Robbers Burglary Scene

Mount Albert Sports Bar Robbery

Mount Albert Sports Bar Robbery

The recent serious robbery that took place at a sports bar in Mount Albert is the most recent in a series of violent incidents that have left business owners shaken and with few ideas on what they can do to counteract these incidents.

Nara Lee, the proprietor of one coffee shop, stated that she had resorted to giving the police officers free coffee in order to retain their patronage. “People do not feel safe here,” he remarked. “I don’t blame them.”

It arises as a result of the fact that late on Wednesday night, four masked, armed robbers raided the Mt. Albert Sports Bar. They stole cash from the register before fleeing the scene after brandishing pistols.

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On Thursday morning, there was still broken glass scattered around the scene, which included both the interior and exterior of the pub. After the safety given by the glass panel was removed, the door frame was filled with an unfinished piece of plywood.

According to the police, a member of the staff who was present at the scene of the crime was shaken but did not sustain any injuries.

A representative for the police department stated that the perpetrators were still at large, but that the inquiry has led to “positive lines of enquiry.” Lee stated that this was not the first time that her row of shops had been the target of threats and thefts. “We have had people come here and verbally harass us, saying things like, ‘I’m going to kill you.'” I can get you out of this.”

“It takes place quite frequently,” she remarked. Lee’s windows have been damaged, and her planter boxes have been wrecked; she asks, “I don’t know what we can do?”

Lee not only gives the police free coffee, but she also calls the authorities to report any incident she sees in the hopes of preventing even more. “I’ve called them maybe twice a month,” she added. “I’m not really sure.”

One business owner in Mount Albert stated that he was so worried about the lack of security in the area that he was trying to sell his store and get into a different line of work. He begged that his name not be used since doing so would compromise his safety.

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But about three weeks ago, a man who was yelling, trying to throw punches, and throwing a garbage can through the glass of an adjoining business also looted his shop. The man also tossed the garbage can through the window of the neighboring business. Even though the thief got away with only a few loaves of bread, the shop owner was terrified for his safety as a result of the incident.

Since Bhavana Patel from the nearby Jyotis Dairy was hit on the head with a hammer after activating her fog cannon in July, he has a fog cannon but is afraid to use it. On Thursday, community constables were still patrolling Mt. Albert even though police had left the location.

The crime is “absolutely tragic,” said to Melissa Lee, the National candidate for Mount Albert. “I genuinely feel bad for the owners and employees.

I’ve talked about what it’s like to be a victim of these violent circumstances before; I once experienced a house invasion. The trauma lasts a very, very long time.

Lee said that the region has a history of violent crime, which included two homicides in 2022: the fatal stabbing of Thomas Coombes on a well-known Mt Albert pathway in May and the death stabbing of dairy worker Janak Patel in neighboring Sandringham in November.

During a door-to-door tour of the neighborhood on Wednesday, Lee said she spoke with residents of Mt. Albert who frequently expressed concern about law and order.

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